Adrenal Fatigue Brain Fog

Brain fog is among one of the most known adrenal fatigue symptoms. Brain fog is the feeling where a person is trying to concentrate on something but they can’t focus and forget what they are doing. In most cases it will be as if they’re in a haze and are lacking clarity. While brain fog can happen to anyone it usually happens to most people who are suffering from adrenal fatigue.

You may be wondering how you will know if you have brain fog. There are many symptoms of brain fog with many of them resembling someone who hasn’t slept in a long period of time and is overtired. If you’re experiencing brain fog you will most likely have a loss of mental sharpness and a loss of short term memory. You may think of something that you need to do for example just to “blank out” and completely forget what it was that you were going to do.

You also may be unable to keep your attention span going and find concentrating on tasks difficult. Most people that have these symptoms don’t consider the fact that it may just be brain fog causing it.

There are many heath related issues that can cause brain fog. Many of them actually stem from adrenal fatigue syndrome. Many people that have adrenal fatigue syndrome also have sleep issues during the time period that they have adrenal fatigue. This can cause them to have brain for many reasons. The first and most obvious reason is due to the person being overly tired and worn out. The second reason is because the body’s system that responds to stress is not working correctly. This means that stress has a huge added impact to the body and thus causes brain fog.

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